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The Ultimate Sales Training and Growth Accelerator to Help You Dominate Your Sales Conversations and Close More Deals


Imagine this...

  • What would happen to your income if you mastered a sales conversation that is effective and feels authentic, without feeling salesy?
  • ​How many more leads could you convert to clients if you had the confidence to overcome rejection with a proven system, without fear?
  • ​What if you could learn proven attraction strategies to generate even more leads, without wasting your time or energy on ineffective tactics?


The premier sales training program designed specifically for ambitious real estate agents and sales professionals like you who want to master the art of sales conversations and significantly increase their income.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to get more yeses using our signature A.S.K. METHOD, a 7-step sales conversation framework that will help you close more deals
  • ​How to navigate a sales conversation that feels right for you
  • ​How to fill your pipeline with ready, willing, and able clients 
  • ​What you should never do when you’re handling objections
  • ​How to adopt the right mindset and belief system required to win in sales

Are you ready to close more deals and ultimately, achieve the financial freedom you've always dreamed of?


Mindset is key. You’ll get the strategies you need to overcome fears, increase the demand on your goals, and create a system that keeps you motivated to dominate sales. 


You need more leads in order to make more money. Learn our Lead Generation System, our systematic approach to filling your pipeline with ready, willing, and able clients.

Networking conversation strategies to take a lead from interested to closed.

There’s a science to closing a deal. Learn the ASK method, a 7 step sales conversation framework that can be used in any conversation to convert a lead to a client.

You'll discover the most effective way to communicate with clients, keep them engaged as they get closer to the sale.

Join our program now and discover how to consistently get more yeses and close more sales than ever before.

"This was absolutely AMAZING!"

-Neisha Dorsey, Financial Certified Officer

JOIN US IN... and increase your income and productivity.

Don't waste your time sifting through free information on Google and trying to figure it out on your own. Our program provides a complete guide and step-by-step process, follow-up, troubleshooting, and systems that are easy to duplicate. 

Hey there! I'm Derrick, Master Sales Coach.

CEOs bring me in when they need to dominate in sales. 

I've been in the sales game for over 20 years and have generated multiple 7 figures in commissions. And I’ve helped countless professionals, from real estate agents to entire car dealership sales teams, close more deals and make more money. I know firsthand the struggles that come with sales. But here's the thing: In that time, I've developed signature proven sales strategies that have helped my clients close more deals than I can count.

And now, I want to share those strategies with you.
One of my proudest achievements was turning around a dealership that was losing $200k per month. Five general managers had tried and failed to make the store profitable, but within just three months of my arrival, we had closed the gap and were back in the black. By using my signature "ASK Method" and teaching the team to believe in themselves, we executed effective sales conversations that turned things around.

Now, I travel the country teaching sales professionals like you how to crush their sales goals and make more money. Whether you're a real estate agent or in another sales profession, my sales conversation strategies will work for you. So let's get started, and let's crush those sales goals together!